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While larger social networks provide a basic platform for marketing your business in a variety of ways, Flickr is a community that allows you to upload photos and video for the sole purpose of visual storytelling. With Flickr, photos can be organized and uploaded with ease and shared from anywhere. Used in conjunction with other social networks, it can be used as a resource on all other major sites. Contact us for a free consultation.

Flickr was started in 2004, by Yahoo. Though not as large as Facebook or Twitter, it boasts about 50 million registered participants internationally and attracts up to 80 million new viewers monthly, proving that photography can be a great tool for engaging and connecting with customers.

To get the most from Flickr, it should not be viewed as a platform to solicit or sell products, but rather a place for customers to interact with you and experience your brand. A Flicker Marketing Agency can create your webpage with compelling photos that accurately displays the roots of your company and provides foresight into where you're headed, which is great for creating consumer interest in your business.

Sharing pictures of your organization's personality and culture engages customers and gets them active in your brand. With Flickr, it is easy to upload and share photos any time and any place. Telling your story and sharing behind-the-scene photos of your organization shows what you stand for, that your company is interesting, and your employees are relatable. This helps build loyalty for your brand as your customers see that you are real. Some examples of how businesses can display their business culture include:

  • Posting photos of your product in process, and showing off your safety procedures
  • Showing off local attractions and events, which promotes your local culture
  • Posting photos of happy customers. Photos can be made into testimonials by adding their input

Flickr is also a great platform for customer interaction because it enables customers to also submit pictures. By permitting your customers to submit pictures, interacting with you and your brand and encouraging them to talk to you and each other about it, customers can get directly involved. A Flicker Marketing Agency can market your brand in a way that it feels personal, which helps encourage interaction from customers. When there's a launch coming up, the Flickr platform can be used to get customers involved based on their experience with your brand.

With Flickr, the integration of each of your sites is easy. Your blog, webpage, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest accounts can all be used as a resource for other sites. By linking your sites, it informs your customers that other platforms exist as well as provides a way to get there if they are interested.

Since Flickr is specifically a photo sharing platform, it makes photo sharing easy. To get the most from this platform, businesses should not place limits on what the customer can do with the content, instead, allow customers the freedom of sharing, which encourages interaction. Uploading your photos using a creative commons license allows your photos to be used by other people, which gets customers communicating and increases exposure to your business. Each time a person shares your photos with someone, it is a gain for you.

Flickr stores and displays images at quality resolution, resulting in clearer, brighter, more vivid photos of your business, as opposed to other platforms that generally compress photos up to 80%, which results in a vast loss of detail and information. And, with Flickr's newly designed website, photos can be displayed in large, vivid prints on endlessly scrolling pages for your customers to enjoy. Flickr's drag and drop tools make it easy to upload and organize pictures into an album, and three-minute videos are stored in 1080 p resolution.

Flickr is compatible with a number of apps and services, which makes it easy to use on many devices, including mobile apps for iOS and Android. This means you can snap, upload, browse and manage your photos or video directly from your Smartphone. The iOS version includes approximately 15 free Hipstamatic-style fillers. Platforms such as Mac and iPhoto allow you to upload photos straight to Flickr. You can even Tweet the photo from your phone using the Flickr photo app.

With Flickr, businesses enjoy 1 TB of free storage, which amounts to enough storage for approximately half a million photos. This way you can feel free to use Flickr without worrying about hitting the limit. For more specialized professions such as photographers and filmmakers, who may require extra storage, an additional 1 TB of storage is available for $499 a year.

Groups are a major part of Flickr, which is great a way for your business to get in on the action. There is a group for just about any topic imaginable, which is a great way to gain exposure for your brand. Adding comments to groups that are related or not directly related to your business helps increase your presence. You can also add other people's photos to your "favorites" to increase your exposure.
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Flickr is a creative way to display your story using pictures instead of words. By doing so, it enables customers to view content in a way that makes it more appealing. Recent research supports the notion that visual communication can be a powerful tool. It suggests that people grasp and retain visual information more readily than other forms of communication. Incorporating Flickr into your existing marketing platforms can reinforce your visual presence and take your business to the next level.

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