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We consider adding your business to Google+ mandatory. With over one billion active users in 2013 alone and with an annual growth rate of 33%, Google+ has become the second largest social network that businesses should not ignore. Google+ not only connects people, but it can also create web traffic for a business site, better than other social networks. Contact us for a free consultation.

With the proliferation of so many social media platforms, any business might be inclined to think twice about going into another social media venture such as Google+. However, with mounting daily task lists and the call to expand business growth, Google+ is a phenomenal communication tool for businesses that provides a whole different experience.

One instance is Facebook. Even with its one billion active users, their care for small business growth is short-handed. One example is that Facebook bans promotional language on cover pages. Second, business brands cannot directly message people unilaterally. This means businesses should monitor and respond to a number of messages in their inbox unless, of course, they add each and every person on their group list for them to interact.

Lastly, Facebook filters posts, so even if a business has over a million friends, only about one to two percent of those numbers can actually see their posts. And if they want bigger exposure, they have to pay Facebook first for their posts. With Twitter, on the other hand, though every post can reach all friends, it makes it harder for small companies to beat bigger companies with their trends through hashtags.

Businesses that have grown their marketing channels with Google+ gained greater leverage and marketing independence over time. So, what is the difference between Google+ against all the other social media platforms and why small businesses should take advantage of them? Here are the reasons why:

First, let us start with the basics, the Google+ recent demography. Recent statistics show that Google+ has over 359 million active users monthly although it has only been around for three years, proving its success very evidently. Of the 93% of marketers that use social media for business, 70% of them have a presence on Google+ with 4% growth from the fourth quarter alone of 2012. Together with Twitter and Facebook, Google+ is among the top three social media sites that are mostly used by marketers.

More so, Google+ has the fastest growing social segments of people ages 45 to 54 compromising 45% of its users, 24 percent of it comes from people ages 25 to 34, and 12% comes from ages 35 to 44. All are target age markets that have the capability and financial means to take advantage of any business service and product. Furthermore, over 5 million users per day interact with +1 button feature from Google. Now, with all these numbers, it is safe to say that Google+ helps more small business to build a better social network.

Google+ has a better way of setting up group circles. How businesses connect with people can make or break their growth. Google+ enables users to categorize their friends into following, customers, VIPs, and team members. This way, a business can easily organize their circles as well as follow other people's accounts and notify them of their services or products.

The same feature can be used to strategically identify with which of your circles you will share your posts. For example, a post about sports may only be attractive to avid sports fan, so sharing it only with the right group of people will increase ranking and visibility. Exploring how followers react and interact on every post produced can greatly maximize communication and engagement of any business.

Google+ is interconnected with Google's algorithms for higher site rankings. While Facebook has their "like" button and Twitter has their "Follow" button, Google+ has their "+1" button that gives websites higher visibility rate. In fact, according to an article from, businesses that use the +1 button can generate four times more traffic than those who do not take advantage of this feature. Why? Because Google itself is the epicenter among all search engines.

Anything posted on Google+ that is highlighted with the +1 button gets quicker indexed in Google. This simply means that updates posted in Google+ have their own URL that will appear in Google's search engines, which enables business pages to have more search engine rankings.
Furthermore, considering that Google+ is embedded with Google Maps, it is easier for businesses to lure more local customers, provided that vital information like their office hours, where they are located, contact numbers and others can easily be retrieved.

Google+ has hangout features that can be used for customers and friends. Unlike Facebook where business, whether small or large, have to respond to a number of messages in their inbox, Google+ has found a way to make this more convenient. This feature enables users to have real-time conversations with friends through free live video conferencing of as many as ten people. Communicating with followers through a private message is also at no cost.

More so, Google+ has reviews showing that is shown in search results, which solicit other existing or potential customers to choose your business and try your services or products. Furthermore, Google+ has Google's authorship that recognizes any content posted by businesses and show them in web searches. So, if content is shared or is at +1, it will surely acquire good credit and most people who see this will be enticed to try the business.

Finally, unlike other social networks like Twitter where posts are restricted to only 140 characters and instead of just liking a web page URL like on Facebook, Google+ allows users to turn their posts into microblogs. This way, posts are more likely to be read and have a greater engagement from other followers.

Google+ provides "What is Hot" lists of contents that can help businesses make their posts go viral; no fuss and not much effort. Google+ also allows users to upload their YouTube videos or take videos upfront using their account. This way, videos like learning materials or reviews by other customers can easily be uploaded.
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Many experts say that Google+ has become more than just another social media platform. It has become a valuable means for businesses, small and big alike, to optimize and create more exposure for the benefit of their business' growth.

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