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According to recent studies, Pinterest creates 60% more traffic than Facebook, and the average order value (AOV) is between $140 to $180. Shoppers on Facebook and Twitter spend about $50 to $80. Why? 90% of traffic is directed within Facebook, compared to 75% on Pinterest. Pinterest has become a significant place for consumers to get inspiration on what to buy. Contact us for a free consultation.

When it comes to online marketing and social media, Pinterest is another social platform that allows small businesses to develop brand awareness, promote business profiles, and a means to interact with target audiences, both existing and future customers. However, Pinterest often gets lesser recognition that tends to throw them on the back burner, behind other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Pinterest in the simplest form is a visual medium. It uses a virtual bulletin-board  medium where users are allowed to find and curate videos and images. Unlike other social media where their emphasis is on status updates, blog posts, and supplementing web pages, Pinterest offers a more appealing fashion to its audience.
Imagine a traditional cork bulletin board where anything one finds interesting is being pinned and stuck on the board. It can be anything from pictures of family, favorite cars, a dream house, places one wants to visit someday, gadgets, favorite food, memorable experiences, and anything of great value. This concept is the same method that Pinterest offers for small businesses.

The only difference is that businesses do not have to spend money on large cork boards and pins; they will have their own "board" online where they can post images of their products and services, as well as picture tutorials and videos, and any image they feel relevant that can promote their page.

The board is presented to everyone, including non-members of Pinterest. When a person finds a business' page image or infographics interesting, they have the option to re-pin it to their board. This, in turn, creates traffics and links back to the business' page, which gives a greater opportunity for potential customers to be more aware of the business. The visual aspect of the site is what captures the interest of many consumers. Other reasons why small businesses should be on Pinterest, include:
  • Pinterest provides wide target audience. With over 20 million active users per month, Pinterest remains to be a competitive social media.
  • Pinterest is great for small businesses whose target audience are mostly females. Demographic numbers show that 68% of Pinterest's users are females between the ages of 18 and 34, and about 30% of the users are well off.
  • Almost 70% of the posts are about fashion designs and home decorations. So, businesses that talk about anything women want will have a bigger chance to accumulate traffic with Pinterest.
Building an online marketing program for Pinterest must be well thought out to make returns on your investment. Pinterest does not offer official pages for business or organizations. It will only ask for the first and last name of the user. So, if a flower shop business' name is Teleflora, they may have to enter only the first name and not the last name, unless they want to separate "Tele" from "Flora."

More so, a business' profile picture should be as eye catching and creative as the images that they upload. It should stand out from other visual realms in Pinterest. So, for a flower shop to stand out, their info-images should be lively, colorful, and vibrant; not pixelated and boring.

Pinterest Allows Multiple Boards

Unlike Facebook where it is difficult for users to go beyond their walls, Pinterest allows users to be more experimental and creative with many different themes and activities, and even creating photo competitions, not just on one board, but throughout multiple pin boards, whether it be two or three or up to as much as one user can handle.
For instance, a flower shop can create an interactive and engaging contest where they will ask their followers to guess the flower they post on their board, or they can provide a sneak peak of their flower designs at their shop, as well as informative instructional images of how one can make their flower bouquet. The promotional image options are limited.

Another creative marketing strategy is to allow followers to provide content for a business board. For instance, if a business has a mascot, they can encourage their followers to have their picture with it, not just with their local customers, but across the globe. Those with the best picture may get prices and discounts.
Pinterest Provides a Greater Consumer Experience

With infinite amounts of themes available and an unlimited number of images that one user can post, the possibilities of creating a connection with their followers are endless.
For instance, instead of just posting images about corporate promotions, a follower's tendency may be to ignore them. So, to catch the attention of followers, one must be creative, making their photo uploads as idiosyncratic and memorable.

Sephora, a beauty company, posts instant beauty photos of women's before shots without make-up and after shots with their brand of make-up on. They also upload video and picture tutorials of how to make one of their make-up kits. Along with a 500 character text box for clearer instructions, they have maximized their advertising potential with more and more women re-pinning their posts and creating a higher traffic rate.

Pinterest Interconnects with other Social Networking Platforms

Pinterest has an icon that links user's profile to another social networking like Facebook and Twitter, which connects users to the business profile, but not the brand pages itself. So, businesses should make sure that their Facebook or Twitter account should not be too personalized.
Pinterest Offers New and Exciting Features

Features like price alerts and promoted pins are now a few features of Pinterest, which can help small businesses boost their page further. Price alerts automatically send an email to users who have pinned a certain unpurchased product on their board that is now on sale or discount. Whereas promoted pins are trailed pins that are being promoted by Pinterest, just like with Twitter, they have trending topics.
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Pinterest is not just another social networking platform for small businesses to ignore because they have more than a hundred ways to promote business brands and at the same time increase business' revenue.

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