Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing on Pinterest

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts on Pinterest

Social media sites provide a great opportunity to get the word out about your business, and now social media sites like Pinterest make it easier for businesses to spread the word about exciting new products by providing a visual platform to pin their pictures by category on online boards to be viewed and shared by a variety of viewers across a wide range of platforms.

From customized clothing to jewelry and even accessories, companies can pin visual pictures of their products, along with price tags, to reach their target market. However, just like any other social media site, businesses should consider implementing various Pinterest social media marketing strategies to increase their exposure.

Opt for a Pinterest for Business Account

The Pinterest for Business Account allows you to promote your businesses commercially, which enables companies to benefit from the maximum benefits of Pinterest's marketing. Businesses will still enjoy the same perks as a regular Pinterest account, such as Pin Etiquette Policy and Acceptable Use Policy, but with a few added bonuses like:
  • Rich pins
  • Marketing materials to teach you how to maximize your marketing efforts for your business
  • Pinterest analytics
  • The use of your company name instead of the basic First+Last Name
  • New tools exclusive to Pinterest business accounts
Select the Right Category

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with Pinterest's categories. Understanding Pinterest's most popular categories give you a better idea of which board works best for your business, so you gain the right exposure for your particular product.

Select Images that Work

Since Pinterest is a visual site, your images are the backbone of any pin you post. Therefore, you should strive to post images that have the most visual impact. The most popular pins:
  • Are clear, high RES images, which appears more professional
  • Do not include faces, which reports show gets 23% more repins
  • Add lighter images, which reports show are more likely to be repinned than darker images
  • Utilize crisp, simple photos to highlight the theme of their pins
You can also share SlideShare presentations, audio podcasts and videos to increase exposure for your business or products.

Include Price Tags

Pinterest users are not just in search of a bit of inspiration on the site, but they are also ready to purchase, so be sure to include price tags in your pins and repins. Reports show that Pinterest generates more referral traffic than some of the largest sites put together. In fact, Pinterest pins that include prices are 36% more likely to get likes, than those without.

Utilize Blog Boards

Creating a blog board provides a place for followers to find your blog posts and helps drive traffic back to your site. Followers will also automatically see new blogs you pin, on their page.

Connect Your Pinterest for Business Account with Other Social Media Sites

It is fairly easy to add Facebook and Twitter buttons to your Pinterest account. Connecting your Pinterest account with other platforms will help you gain more followers by connecting with followers you already have on other social media platforms. Doing so helps spread the word about your content across a wide range of platforms, so more people see it.

Share Pins in Your Newsletters

Incorporating your pins into your newsletters allows marketers to send pins directly to subscribers, which makes it easier to find your pins and helps drive traffic to your Pinterest account.

Engage with Followers, Reply to Comments

Engage with your followers answering their questions and responding to their comments. You should also leave comments and pins on your follower's boards as well, so they feel appreciated too. In turn, their followers will also see your brand.

Follow and Engage with Popular Boards Relevant to Your Industry

Following popular boards that are relevant to your industry allows you to witness successful Pinterest strategies in action. Observe what kind of boards they have, what kind of pins they post, and how much engaging they do, to help better your campaign.

Utilize Pinterest Analytics

The Pinterest Analytics feature is only available for business accounts. With this feature, page managers have access to a wide range of valuable information including what people like to save from your website, which boards and pins from your website people enjoy the most, which devices people use when pinning your content and more, that can be utilized to improve your site.

For more advanced social media marketing strategies for your site, contact an experienced online social media marketing agency who can help your business grow.
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