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For most small businesses, reaching as many potential customers as possible, whether it be through traditional or social media platforms, is generally a priority. With over 25 million users and over a million monthly page referrals, StumbleUpon is one the biggest traffic generators among all other top social sites, making them a great foreground for small businesses to grow their network and thereby, increasing their revenue. Contact us for a free consultation.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where users only offer promotional strategies within the extent of the business' page network, StumbleUpon increases the amount of random visits and likes coming from all active users, and not just a certain group of people from a friend's or follower's list.

StumbleUpon is a website intended for users to "StumbleUpon" things that would match their interests choosing from a number of categories, such as blogs, articles, photographs, video, and info-images. Traffic is generated when a user likes the things they StumbleUpon. The more likes a post receives, the more it increases their chance for future stumblers to see them, leading to more page reviews.

Other reasons why small business should use StumbleUpon, includes:

StumbleUpon is easy to set up and use. Setting up an account with StumbleUpon is self-explanatory. Businesses simply have to follow their guidelines, and they can start using every feature in an instant. And unlike other social networking sites like Pinterest where having a business brand is prohibited, with StumbleUpon businesses are welcome to promote their branding directly.

As the user finds friends through their current email contacts and follows other users, a following button that accepts shares from the toolbar will provide a wider scope of audience as it comes into play when the user shares their content with others.

StumbleUpon provides a wider scope of audience. StumbleUpon can be connected with a user's Facebook account by simply going to the "Connected Accounts" tab of the user's setting page. By linking with Facebook, not only can random users from StumbleUpon review and promote the page, but also friends on Facebook.

In addition, StumbleUpon can be linked to Twitter and Instagram accounts; again, allowing a wider scope of audience and greater chances for potential customers to view a business' post. So, if a user has come across an interesting or informative post, blog, or article in StumbleUpon, they can easily share it with their other social networking account. And through this, any appealing content can go viral as fast as one click of the share button.

StumbleUpon provides a downloadable toolbar to the user's web browser. The StumbleUpon toolbar provides up-to-date new and unread updates for the users to read. This is a far cry from posting an update in Facebook where posts are being filtered and only reach a limited number of followers or friends on the friend list. And the only time a business post can go viral is as if they are willing to pay a little extra in order for Facebook to show them to all the user's contact lists.

With StumbleUpon, by simply clicking the "Stumble!" toolbar, a user will immediately be presented with new content to check out. This, in turn, makes StumbleUpon a great traffic driver.

StumbleUpon allows discovery options. StumbleUpon has a "thumbs up" button similar to Facebook's page whereby clicking it corresponds to one count of like. However, if one particular user is the first person to like the business page or post, it will then be considered a "discovery." Meaning to say, they will be prompted to complete a review that would allow them to put on their comments, and share it to the other 15 million possible stumblers.

In general, whether a user likes or dislikes the page or post, the data will be counted and compiled and will be shown to other users who will StumbleUpon the page. The more likes that are generated, the more traffic the page or post will receive. More so, StumbleUpon allows users to randomly come across sites that they might not have thought of coming across previously. So, it does not matter whether the business is large or small because they will be secure in that the extent of the possibility that their page will be seen is limitless.

StumbleUpon is absolutely free. A social network that provides free traffic is an important commodity these days, and StumbleUpon is one of the few social sites that provides just this. Unlike Facebook, where business pages may choose from setting up a daily budget, or bidding for a count of "impressions" or the number of times a page will be shown to a user, StumbleUpon is a free web-browser extension that provides an intelligent browsing tool for people to discover and share StumbleUpon posts and pages.

StumbleUpon is available on smartphones and various operating systems. StumbleUpon provides a convenient way to find new updates and posts to StumbleUpon anywhere they go through their mobile phones and tablet applications. Even better news is that it is still absolutely free. The user simply chooses what they are interested in and goes on their new adventure with StumbleUpon. It is also available for numerous operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and even with SunOS and PlayStation 3.

StumbleUpon can highlight original work. It can be a powerful tool for small businesses if used correctly. Creating unique content that is not copied will receive a high remark from StumbleUpon, which automatically generates more traffic. This gives business pages an exciting challenge to start from scratch and slowly build up a post that no one has ever posted or tried.
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Any small business can generate profit from a social networking platform such as StumbleUpon. Their ideas are simple and are easy to apply. One just has to be creative, innovative, and must create appealing posts every time, but all their hard work and creative thinking will eventually pay off, making their business grow and flourish in no time. Solution Web Designs will help put it all in motion.

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