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With the birth of the modern age came the decline of consumers' attention span. In fact, surveys say that a staggering 80% of online consumers do not read anything online anymore, but prefer to watch videos instead. YouTube is owned by Google, so you can also improve your natural rankings. Solution Web Designs has the equipment and personnel to help you create amazing videos for YouTube. Contact us for a free consultation.

It is vital for every business these days to do whatever they can to get their business ahead of others. Simply having a website to promote product and service is no longer enough. The online presence of telling consumers what the company is all about and how they got started does not entirely entice audiences anymore.

YouTube has opened doors for businesses to channel a message or product to billions of potential customers. With over one billion unique users and over six billion hours of videos being watched each month, it is no surprise why almost all of the popular brands worldwide have switched to it for branding and exposure with little or no efforts needed at all. It is simply a matter of making clever videos that are likely to grab viewers' attention, reach masses, and go viral.

Anything can be embedded as a YouTube video on business' websites. From highly engaging videos of a corporate CEO's and VP's message of inspiration and thanks to training videos, how-to's, internal company videos, and seminar videos. However, what makes these video-blogs important is that it helps businesses stand out as professional, someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. And any video that talks about integrity and credibility will have a huge selling point, making more and more people trust the company. Respect can also be achieved among colleagues in the industry within the same niche as the company's.

Other benefits that YouTube brings for corporate video hosting include:
  • It is free. Businesses no longer have to take on the burden of spending extra dollars to acquire a license from video platforms and hosting servers. They can simply upload their corporate videos onto YouTube and embed them back to business' website pages.
  • Build strong traffic. Ever since Google bought YouTube in 2005, it has crossed all major milestones, making it the second highest search engine, bigger than Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL combined, and has reached a higher demographic number of Americans ages 18 to 34, more than any cable network could. This puts any corporate video in front of the eyes of billions of people.
  • Create YouTube Channels. Much like other social networks, YouTube has also created a personal channel, which is designed to display thumbnails of videos the YouTube user has uploaded, a short personal description, favorite videos picked, subscriptions, as well as friends and subscribers of the YouTube user. Here, businesses can personalize their channel by creating channel art much like the cover pages of Facebook, a channel icon or profile picture, and a short description of the channel. A YouTube user may also add web links that can be directed back to the business' website. And since YouTube recommends links beside every video, YouTube channels are very important because they can keep potential customers from clicking videos of competitors, rather it keeps them tuned in to all other corporate videos the business has uploaded.
  • Gather Customer Feedback. Unless a business has disabled the "comments" feature in their channel, they can use this feature to gather questions and reviews from their valued customers. All these can be used to help them know what content they should produce in the future for their corporate videos, as well as how to better represent their company.
  • See What Your Competitors Are Doing. Getting an idea of what the competition is up to before they release it in the market is probably the best way to get an edge over a competitor. And with millions of ads being advertised in YouTube, it will be very easy to spy on viral videos and beat their products with the best possible prices as well as products and services.
  • Educate Customers. Most of the successful corporate videos posted on YouTube are behind-the-scenes videos that have shown how a business goes through their processes, either within their daily operations or administrative goings-on. This offers consumers a piece of information that will help them trust the business. If they see how standardized things are done or how much effort is put into a certain product or service, they will feel valued, and it can secure the business a place of being thought of as a leader in their industry.
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"I didn't feel very comfortable making a video about my company, but Solution Web Designs taught me how to speak naturally to the camera, and talk about subjects I am familiar with.

They were very patient and took as many takes as was needed. Then they edited and created my video so I look professional to my industry and to potential clients.

I couldn't be happier with their professionalism. They really care about the growth of my business."

YouTube Marketers
Contact Solution Web Designs for YouTube Marketing
Contact Solution Web Designs for YouTube Marketing
YouTube should not be ignored for small business. With over 1 billion active users each month, YouTube has the potential to reach people who may not be reached through other means. If a business utilizes YouTube in a smart way, whether through tutorials, a behind-the-scenes look at the company, or brand promotion, it can greatly increase visibility, brand awareness, and revenue.

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