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Press releases are a part of content marketing. Not only are they successful for announcing new products, services, and other company milestones, but they also incorporate backlinks to your website, which can help increase traffic by improving your natural rankings. Press releases are especially valuable for launching new websites, but they can accommodate just about any public announcement.

Writing and Distribution of Press Releases

Press releases provide a great way to spread the news about important events taking place in your company, and they can be published on a regular basis, so interested parties remain in the know about your business. In fact, regular press releases play a significant role in your long-term marketing campaign. Considering the events that occur in your company, as well as the nature of your business and the industry you operate in, our press release company can create and distribute monthly or yearly press releases.

Our press release service offers the perfect solution for small and mid-size business who require quality press release services, but on a limited budget. We carefully craft your story, complete with pictures and videos to further enhance your news and even optimize your release with the latest in SEO techniques and backlinks that help create online awareness for your brand.

"Newsworthy" Press Release Topics

Company breakthroughs, whether it involves a new product launch or the acquisition of another company, are an exciting time for your business, one that you undoubtedly can't wait to share with the public. Our press release writer can skillfully employ the concepts of content marketing, free of gimmicks or advertisements, to carefully construct a valuable, informational piece that can increase your chances of getting noticed by a wide range of audiences including new and existing customers, publications, journalists and more. Some other times a company may issue a press release include:
  • Contribution in upcoming charitable events
  • Participation in guest speaking opportunities
  • Association in business conferences
  • Participation in trade shows
  • The launching of a new website
  • Awards and citations the company was recently honored
  • Recent or upcoming radio or TV appearances
  • Partnership with an agency or consulting firm
  • Completion of an extensive training program
  • Results of an independent survey
  • The announcement of a new promotion
  • A prediction of business forecasts for your industry
  • The hiring of new key personnel in your company
  • Seminars you will host
  • Public stock offerings
  • The endorsement of a celebrity
  • Company milestones, such as serving your 10,000th customer
  • Legal actions and lawsuits
  • Notable company anniversaries
  • Securing funding for future business operations
  • The retirement of long time employees
  • New training programs for employees
  • Recently awarded business contracts
  • Expansion into new business markets
  • Newsworthy price changes in your product or service
  • Reorganization within the hierarchy of the company
  • And more
Whatever your special event, our press release service can put together the perfect press release package for you.

Our Press Release Writers Create Company Media Kits

A media kit, or press kit, serves as a sort of resume to potential clients and members of the media to show you are serious about what you do. When properly integrated, your media kit could ultimately result in closing a sale, or better yet, impress members of the media who wish to distribute your company news.

Your media kit shares the story of what your business or brand is all about, your work samples, your services, your solutions, testimonials and companies you have partnered with before. A successful media kit includes bullet points and speaking points highlighting future goals, a brief summary of the business's previous press releases and all the contact information for the most prominent people in your company. As an experienced press release company, we will also include pictures to illustrate the subject of the press release as well as quotes from key management employees of the company.

Like a resume, your media kit also includes a short cover letter highlighting the benefits of your story and why it should be picked up and distributed. Our press release writer understands that press releases are competitive, therefore, it is our main priority to develop a stylish and professional media kit that establishes you as credible, trustworthy and reliable, so clients perceive you as newsworthy.

Press Release Distribution

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Press Release Company Serving Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY
In the fortunate event that a reporter or journalist contacts your company and is interested in conducting an interview with you, we recommend adding a page of questions and answers to assist the press in an in-depth interview on your news.

No matter the purpose of your press release, our press release service makes it our business to create and edit professional media kits that cater to the needs of each client.
As part of our commitment to your long-term online marketing campaign, our team receives ongoing training and remains up to date in the latest marketing and public relation techniques to ensure we consistently meet professional standards.
Contact Solution Web Designs for Your Next Press Release
Contact Solution Web Designs for Your Next Press Release
Whether your company is launching a new website or you simply have exciting business news to share, contact our press release company to see how our press release writing, distribution and media kits can help generate interest for you.

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