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Attorney Website Designers Serving the USA and Locally in Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island NY

Building a successful website requires the knowledge and skills of an online marketer and website designer who is experienced and knowledgeable in creating websites for lawyers. A beautiful site by itself is not enough. Your industry is challenged with a tremendous amount of competition, all competing for a very limited number of Internet searches.

If you service clients nationwide, you have the problem of getting a return on your extensive advertising and marketing investment. If you service a local or regional area, you have to be able to find and attract new clients within a tight budget, making every penny count.

Do you need a website or a website that works?

Law Firm Marketing Experts

As of this writing, here is the realization of competition you will face when a potential client is searching the Internet for the keyword phrase "Malpractice Lawyer," according to the Google Keyword Planner: 
  • If you service the entire United States, there are 8,100 searches a month, or 270 a day. The current rate in Google Pay Per Click for one click to your website is $32.43.
  • If you service New York State, the same keyword phrase has 720 monthly searches or 24 per day. The current for one click to your website costs $34.97.
  • If you service NYC, the same keyword yields 390 monthly searches or 13 a day. The current rate in Google Pay Click for one click to your website will cost you $43.72.
This information will you an idea of the value of traffic to your website, no matter where your business is located. A single click to your website doesn't mean you have acquired a client. It means a potential client went to your site. You can assume it will take over 100 clicks to generate a lead, and you may close about 20% of the leads you get. Do the math, and you can see just how competitive your industry is and why it is imperative you give yourself every advantage you can over your competition, and at a price that yields value for your investment.

This kind of ongoing challenge is not for the casual law firm website designer. Designing and building your website is actually the last thing we do. Think of it like of it as building a car. A lot happens before the car gets a pretty coat of paint. The website we build for lawyers are highly personalized and customized to the legal services you provide, and, in the order of which legal services generate the most revenue for your business.

Creating your SEO marketing strategy, and finding the exact niche you need to generate clients at an affordable price is not something web designers do. It's something online marketing experts do, and we've been doing it since America Online started mailing free disks to their new Internet platform back in the early 90's.
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Client Testimonial

"When new clients repeatedly tell me they chose my services over other lawyers because of my website, I knew I made the right decision going with Solution Web Designs.

-Thomas ValetLawyer
Long Island, NY

Strategic Web Design for Lawyers

Attorney Website Designers Serving the USA and Locally in Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, Suffolk County Long Island NY, Strategic Web Design for Lawyers
Strategic web design is the perfect balance of incorporating all of the many SEO rules search engines need to list and rank your web pages with a positive visitor experience. It sounds a lot easier than it is.

We see legal websites all the time, and even those done by firms who only do legal websites tend to stuff their client's web pages with very minimal keyword research, then create a design that is difficult to read. In most cases, the most valuable services you offer clients are easy to overlook, and the exact content these visitors are looking for is hard to find.
  • Responsive Web Design - You want your website to be easy to read on desktop computers, tablets, and cell phones. 
  • Proper SEO - As a lawyer, you can understand the concept of following and interpreting rules. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the same thing. Well, almost. You had to pass a bar exam to be a lawyer. There is no exam or qualification process for a web designer to say they do SEO. Imagine the state of the legal system if anyone could be a lawyer just as easily. That is pretty much the state of those who claim they can do SEO. Solution Web Designs has a proven track history of successful SEO, which you can learn more about on our Search Engine Optimization page, including third party, independent "report cards" we provide clients to show them their SEO has been done properly. It is not uncommon for 90% of the 200 to 500 keyword phrases we track monthly to be on page one of the search engines.
  • Compelling Copywriting - The balance between what the search engines want for content requirements, and making websites compelling for your visitors to read, is quite an art form. Most web designers don't know how to do it, and neither do you, which is what most web designers will ask you to do. If not, they routinely go to another lawyer website somewhere far from your territory and copy their content. If your content is not 100% original, follow the rules of search engines, and make your visitors feel like you are the solution to their needs, you won't be successful. 
  • Proper Page Formatting - Men and women read web pages very differently. We create web pages that are easy for both to read. This includes the strategic use of pictures, video, bullet points, bold and italics, related links and a strong call to action. We think of a web page as a mouse trap leading your prospective client down a path where the only intelligent option they have is to contact you. 
  • Monthly Reporting - No matter how good we say we are, we are not going to be perfect right out of the box. Monthly reporting to a legal marketer is like a medical chart to a doctor. The Internet (and even pictures) is nothing but code, and codes evolve and change. Reacting to changes in the market (your market) is one of the first responsibilities of online marketing, and it can't be done if we are not recording and analyzing multiple key events. 
  • Cost and Budget - Lastly, we work with you to create an affordable cost and a consistent ongoing marketing budget to help you achieve your goals and get a return on your investment.
Contact Solution Web Designs for a Free Consultation Regarding Your Law Firm Website
Contact Solution Web Designs for a Free Consultation Regarding Your Law Firm Website
Most importantly, we hope we have shown you the importance of finding the right SEO web designer for your law firm's website. If you make a wrong decision, it's not something that can be fixed. It would actually be less expensive to throw the old website away and start over.  Of course, there is no return on investment in that.

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