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Content marketing is imperative for small businesses with limited resources. Posting regular blogs on your website and social media pages are a great way to drive brand awareness and generate leads without significant capital.

Our blog posting company specializes in creating engaging, educational and relevant blogs specific to your industry, so we reach potential clients in need of your particular product or service. Also, our blogs posts are optimized for SEO, which includes relevant backlinks to your website, so you reap the maximum benefits of your content marketing. See Solution Web Design's Blog.

Blogging is Essential!

Blogging is a fun and educational way to interact with both new and potential clients. In fact, new clients will sometimes search through your company's blog database before ever committing to your website content, to get a better idea of just who you are.

Blogging can be used to convey a variety of information including informing clients about new or upcoming products or just as a fun way to share insight into your business. They can be used to help clients find solutions to their problems to post step-by-step how-to's to offer advice or even to share encouragement. In short, blogging provides the freedom to share whatever you'd like and can be either formal or informal, depending on your audience.

The turbulence of day to day business, may not leave much time for interacting with clients via blog yourself, therefore, you may benefit from our custom blog posts for small businesses for your internet marketing. Our blog posting service helps you stay in touch with your clients by creating high-quality blog pages on your website and guest posting on your behalf, using relevant information surrounding your expertise, to help grow your business.

Blogging Provides Many Benefits

Blogging, as engaging as it is, can also be used as a successful marketing tactic to drive more visitors to your site. Some of the ways our blogging service helps drive traffic to your website include:
  • Helps drive search engine results - Each time a blog post is written, it generates another indexed page to your site, providing you with yet another opportunity to show up in search engine results, which helps drive traffic to your site. The more you update your website pages, the more likely you are to show up in search engine results because it signals to Google as well as other search engines that your website is active. Therefore, they are likely to check back often to see what new content is available.
  • Converts traffic into leads - Each post also provides a unique opportunity to create new leads simply by adding a call-to-action on each blog post. Calls-to-action can include any content that clients may interested in, such as free trials, free webinars, free fact sheets and more.
  • Establishes you as an industry leader - Consistently providing useful content for your clients, helps establish you as trustworthy in target customers view. Each time your blog post explains away confusion, it potentially puts you in the seat to drive more leads.
Google Blogger

Google Blogger allows page designers to create beautifully crafted marketing blogs with video linking, accurately displayed pictures and control over the backlinks they wish to invite for your site. Our blog posting agency favors the Google Blogger platform because of its sophistication and being that it is a Google tool, it can help boost search engine results for your pages. In addition, it also provides the benefit of sharing blog posts on the Google+ social media network for added exposure. Don't just take our word for it, we utilize Google Blogger for our own blog, please visit our blog to see for yourself.

Guest blogging serves many purposes for your website such as providing a wider platform to share your expertise. Sometimes your own platform may not be large enough to reach a widespread audience, which means your knowledge may be rendered ineffective. When you guest post, it provides the opportunity to share your information with additional people, which in some instances, makes you more known and generates more traffic to your site. Receiving feedback, or comments, serves as an indicator as to whether your knowledge was useful or not.

Guest blogging is also beneficial in that it increases your backlink factor. Backlinks are advantageous for getting more visits. Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank both utilize the backlink factor, which means, the more backlinks you have, the more your rankings are likely to increase. Blogs which have guest blogging enabled, acquire most guest bloggers by the backlink factor. So each time you guest post, you also improve your search rankings.

Occasionally, we do guest blogging as part of our blog posting service. If we do guest blogging, we will do so only to establish you as an authority in your field. We do not rely on computer generated guests posts, keyword-heavy links or spam backlinks, which result in Google penalties.

Instead, we comprise very detailed content on topics directly associated with your industry to help you naturally stand out. Likewise, we do not invite people to leave comments on blogs we post. However, we do monitor the quality of comments and delete any posts we consider spam.
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