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For years, YouTube has been the video marketing powerhouse known around the world as the place to share and find a variety of videos, from individual entertainment videos to promotional business content. However, today, new video services are emerging providing businesses with more options than ever before to market their product. Video marketing can give your business a competitive advantage, and the same video can be used on multiple services for maximum exposure. Contact us for a free consultation.

Video marketing enables businesses to market themselves in a more personal way to consumers, which helps build trust in your brand. Videos are easy to upload, and they can be embedded into your own website or shared across a wide spectrum of social media sites.

Some video services encourage customer interaction by providing a comment section where customers can express their thoughts, emotions, and opinions about the video. This feedback can be used to improve a product, service or brand, as well as to get others interested in your business. A video marketing agency can walk you through the video process, so you create compelling videos that promote your business and inspire a call to action for your brand.

Video can be used in a number of ways to promote your product or service to a variety of audiences which you may otherwise not have been able to reach. Some examples of video marketing include:

  • Customer Testimonial Videos: Videos displaying your customers in their own environment discussing your services and products creates interest, which is a compelling way to add virtue to your brand. These videos are generally included as short snippets to supplement other marketing mediums.
  • Success Stories: These videos generally model an interview format where the person in the video responds to questions posed by an offscreen interviewer. These videos can be used independently, and are usually combined with other success stories.
  • Product Demonstrations: These videos demonstrate how your product works as well as spotlight its features. These videos are typically used to market high-ticket items to economic customers or technical teams who need to understand how the product works. These videos usually incorporate 3-D cutaway, soft screen capture or high impact demos to demonstrate your product.
  • Product Reviews: Positive product reviews help promote your brand. Reviews by trusted third parties also build trust in your brand.
  • Post Sale Support and Maintenance Videos: You can save time and money by posting informative sales support, maintenance, and installation videos for your products and services as opposed to printing manuals.
  • Website FAQ Video: FAQ lists answered by a company expert can serve as an authoritative replacement to text materials.
  • Live, Two-Way Customer Service: As mobile computing continues to grow, the need for live and recorded video will also evolve. Providing live, two-way customer service via Skype or Apple's FaceTime, etc. will improve your customer support process. For example, with live video support, customers will be able to show someone the problem instead of trying to describe it. With live video, businesses can also provide step-by-step videos to walk customers through the solution
  • Commercials: In this age, broadcast and cable commercials can be pretty expensive; so many businesses are turning to alternative forms of video advertising to promote their product. Online sponsorships, event sponsorships, in-theater advertising, and in-game advertising are quickly becoming the advertising wave of the future. Video screens can also be projected onto structures and buildings for even greater advertising opportunities.
  • In-Store Video: In-store LCD's provide a customizable way to promote your product via your own network.
  • Company Lobby Waiting Room: Placing HD videos in your reception or lobby area gives you the opportunity to set a first impression with your audience.
  • Executive Presentations: Using video for executive presentations gives a face and voice to the leadership of your team. This opportunity could be used to respond to major industry events, present regularly scheduled presentations, or present quarterly updates.
  • Annual Reports: By law, large, privately held companies as well as public companies are required to create quarterly and annual reports. Video can be a cost effective way to supplement or replace these materials.

There a number of platforms to promote your video, the most popular ones include Flickr, Facebook, Blip and Vimeo.

  • Flickr: This is primarily a photo sharing site; however, short videos can be uploaded as well.
  • Facebook: Trending as the most popular social site, Facebook is not just for posting texts and photos, but it is a great platform for uploading videos as well.
  • Blip: Though not a typical site for posting single videos, it is a great tool for posting a series of videos such as customer success stories.
  • Vimeo: This is a popular site for posting high-quality videos.
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Video is rapidly becoming the marketing tool of choice because it is persuasive and it is compelling. Research shows that up to 79 percent of people who use the internet often search for videos. Incorporating video into your website can also cause it to rank high in search results, which helps your company get noticed. Video is a cost effective way to get results. As a video marketing agency, we will work with you to create intriguing videos complete with video tags that will help your brand stand out.

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