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Web Development NYC for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Serving Clients in Manhattan New York City

First impressions are critical in the online world. Therefore, your web design should be professional and strategic to generate leads and clients. Our Web Developer NYC specializes in building strategic websites that inspire action. For more insight into what goes on behind the scenes, feel free to visit our online marketing page.

Marketing Success By Design

Successful web design doesn't happen by accident. In fact, if you fail to incorporate an effective web design, you may lose out on valuable customers. Upon clicking on your web page, it takes visitors just a few seconds to skim through the page to determine if it is the site for them or not. During this time, they skim over the text, and instead, focus on the actual design of the page including titles, pictures and navigation links as deciding factors to stay on your page. Your web page should seek to encourage visitors to stay on your site to increase your chances of conversion.

Strategic Web Design Company NYC

Successful web design incorporates keywords closest to the match visitors want to help them to land on your page. For a clearer picture of how this works, simply imagine how you use the Internet. You enter a set of keywords or phrases according to what you are looking for. Once you have keyed in your search, a list of results will appear. You are then most likely to skim through the first few lines of page description, then select a webpage you think provides what you are looking for. If you don't feel you are on the correct page, you will revert to the previous search results and begin your search all over again, also known as bouncing. Web designers often use bounce rate to determine how well a web page is attracting visitors.

Strategic web designers understand how visitors analyze web pages and seek to engage them in many ways including:
  • Place the most relevant information in the forefront, meaning you don't scroll down to see it.
  • Contact information is at the top of the page.
  • Important navigation links are readily available as opposed to being hidden by drop-down menus.
  • The company brand name is located on the top page and links to the homepage.
  • The page contains one or more bold titles that are easy to read.
  • The titles apply to the content on the page.
  • The content contains 800 to 1,200 words.
  • The content is free of typos.
  • A large image, or beauty shot, is included and clearly defines the subject of the page.
  • The design is clean and doesn't distract with excessive pictures, too many colors, different texts or fonts or improper text alignment, etc.
  • The text is bold on a light background to eliminate eye strain.
  • The website's color program matches the company's color.
  • Promotions are visible above the fold.
  • Videos do not begin automatically.
  • The page has a testimonial, if applicable.
  • Your phone number is clearly visible on the top, middle and bottom of the page.
  • Social media buttons are located in the footer.
  • The page content educates, creates interest and promotes a call to action.
  • And much more!
A lot of care goes into creative web design. These are not the only guidelines our Web Design Company NYC incorporates into gaining visitors for your site. We understand that each client is different and, therefore, requires unique strategies to meet their objectives, and it our goal to work closely with you to ensure that happens.

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Client Testimonial

"What I love the most is that I don't have to do anything. They (Solution Web Designs) represent me in a professional manner, and I am extremely happy with the results I am seeing in a short amount of time."

-Dr. Donna Sergi
Brooklyn, NY
Web Development NYC for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Serving Clients in Manhattan New York City
More than half of all internet searches are conducted utilizing mobile devices. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular with search engine rankings. Responsive web design allows your website to adjust automatically to various devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. In fact, our website is built on a responsive web platform so that it can be viewed from all devices. If you'd like, try it out.
Perhaps you have a unique need for custom web design that goes beyond responsive web platform. Our professional web developer NYC can customize your website based on your particular needs.
Contact Solution Web Designs Web Development NYC to Discuss Your Website Goals
Contact Solution Web Designs Web Development NYC to Discuss Your Website Goals
We pride ourselves on providing strategic websites that get you noticed. Our web designs are built on quality strategies that engage customers and encourage interaction. If you are in need of a new company website or just wish to revamp an existing one, we can help.

Contact our Web Design Company NYC for a free consultation.

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