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Strategic Social Media Marketing Company Serving Clients in Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY

Social media has become a great medium for staying in touch with family and friends, and with quality social media marketing services, now businesses can get in on the action too. According to reports, the average American checks their social media account approximately 17 times a day, while teens, on average, spend a whopping 9 hours a day on social media.

This trend is not unique to solely Americans, in fact, reports also show that citizens in various other countries including Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia and South Africa utilize networking apps approximately 40 times a day. Reports also conclude that the average person has up to five social media accounts or more, so with all the buzz surrounding social media, there's no reason your company can't take advantage of this opportunity to connect with target customers and grow your business.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Social media is a term used to describe various sites that promote wide-ranging social actions. There are various types of social media sites, each touting their own "specialty" activity. For instance, some sites are big on providing platforms for sharing brief messages or "updates," while others provide complete social media networks that allow users to share photos, videos, updates, career interests, ideas, exchange information, join events, exchange information and more. Some examples of why we market on social media sites include:
  • Facebook - A business Facebook page should be part of your overall social marketing strategy, but you should temper your expectations.
  • Twitter - With more than 230 million active users, Twitter has become a platform for more than just making quick personal updates of just 140 characters and doing micro-blogs. It has become a real-time means of communication for most businesses as they use it to share vital information regarding their services and products.
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a community where businesses can promote themselves through advertisements and a profile page. 
  • Pinterest - Pinterest creates 60% more traffic than Facebook, and the average order value (AOV) is between $140 to $180. Shoppers on Facebook and Twitter spend about $50 to $80. Why? 90% of traffic is directed within Facebook, compared to 75% on Pinterest. Pinterest has become a significant place for consumers to get inspiration on what to buy.
  • Google Plus - We consider adding your business to Google+ mandatory. With over one billion active users in 2013 alone and with an annual growth rate of 33%, Google+ has become the second largest social network that businesses should not ignore. Google+ not only connects people, but it can also create web traffic for a business site, better than other social networks.
  • YouTube - With the birth of the modern age came the decline of consumers' attention span. In fact, surveys say that a staggering 80% of online consumers do not read anything online anymore, but prefer to watch videos instead. YouTube is owned by Google, so you can also improve your natural rankings. Solution Web Designs has the equipment and personnel to help you create amazing videos for YouTube. 
  • Instagram - Instagram is a social media site that lets users upload pictures and videos with captions to share with friends and followers. It is different from any other social media site as the only things shared are the pictures and videos. While many businesses think that this is not a useful tool since there are no status updates and no big profile page, the fact remains, seeing is believing. So when your prospective customers see your photos on Instagram, they will see you, your brand and your business. They will share your business with their friends who will then share with their friends; it is the new type of referral business, only now you have a market of over 300 million users.
  • Infographic Marketing - An infographic (or information graphic) is a visual aid that simplifies a concept. They are a great way to explain a complicated idea or topic. They are also one of the best ways to make a potentially boring subject much more interesting. Most importantly, they are an invaluable form of marketing, especially for small businesses. Websites that make use of infographics experience an average growth in traffic that is 12% higher than websites without them. You can think of infographics as road signs that point potential customers straight to your business.
  • Flickr - While larger social networks provide a basic platform for marketing your business in a variety of ways, Flickr is a community that allows you to upload photos and video for the sole purpose of visual storytelling. With Flickr, photos can be organized and uploaded with ease and shared from anywhere. Used in conjunction with other social networks, it can be used as a resource on all other major sites.
  • StumbleUpon - For most small businesses, reaching as many potential customers as possible, whether it be through traditional or social media platforms, is generally a priority. With over 25 million users and over a million monthly page referrals, StumbleUpon is one the biggest traffic generators among all other top social sites, making them a great foreground for small businesses to grow their network and thereby, increasing their revenue.
The number of social media sites are expected to grow as more and more people become more affluent, digitally active and more innately interested in narrow, more targeted subject matters.

Why Should Your Company Social Media Marketing Services

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Strategic Social Media Marketing Company Serving Clients in Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY
The goal of social media marketing is to "discover," so it provides the perfect medium for sharing new company information such as new product launches, sales, promotions, press releases and any other company news your audience may be interested in. Social media networking is also a great way to improve your SEO efforts, because social media profiles tend to rank higher in search engines when people search for your name.
Some other ways social media networking helps boost SEO rankings include:
  • Social connections. Social connections help impact the rankings of some search results either within a social media network itself or with mainstream search engines.
  • Social media search. Many social media sites allow people to perform searches for social media content, which also impacts search results.
  • Build quality links. Social media can help build quality links, which in turn, boosts SEO rankings.
Our Social media agency covers all aspects of SEO marketing including social media profile building and more.
Our Social Media Marketing Agency Builds Client Profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, LinkedIn, and More
Whether you are looking to connect with your customers or fans, gain more exposure or you simply wish to improve your online reputation, it is important to build quality social media profiles. Great profiles help establish a strong presence for your brand or business online. Just think, each page you build serves as sort of a landing page, which is the first impression interested parties are going to have with your brand, therefore, it should be captivating in order to increase interest in your business. Some exciting ways we help build your profile include, but are not limited to:
  • Your Name - Contrary to what was previously believed, that your URL has the most bearing on your social media profile ranking, the real "magic" occurs with your name. Our social media agency can work closely with you to select a name that is unique to your business or brand and is also easy to remember.
  • User Name - Your username makes it easier for interested parties to locate you. We can help select a username that is memorable and ensure it is included in your URL, for ease of locating you.
  • Your Profile Picture - Your brand logo or personal picture helps people recognize you across all social media programs. We can help you select an appropriate photo and increase your SEO efforts by naming your photo rightly before uploading it.
  • Your Link - Your link allows people to connect to your company website. We can ensure your links are upfront so that people can easily locate them, as well as customize your link's anchor text so that it encourages action.
  • Your Content - We specialize in creating compelling content utilizing relevant phrases and keywords for exact keyword matches that also comply with Google guidelines.
  • Your Interests - Some profile platforms have extended space for posting additional information about your business. We can use this opportunity to share interesting details such as your favorite books etc., as well as include relevant keywords and links to further boost your SEO rankings.
  • Your Promotion - Healthy promotion of your social media profile is imperative for helping people locate you and connect with you. We can incorporate a series of actions including guest blogging, contests, help you connect with popular accounts in your field and more to help your brand stand out and be noticed by potential clients in the online arena.
The key to building quality profiles is to make everything count. At Solution Web Designs, it our goal to provide high level online marketing services with a close attention to detail to help ensure you get the best out of your social media marketing campaign.

We Provide Monthly Social Media Marketing Services for Each Account

Once your profile setup is successful, it is important to maintain an adequate level of management and interaction on your social media accounts to ensure ongoing success. Our monthly social media marketing services go beyond just blogging, posting, tweeting and snapping, we also provide research, analysis, strategy creation and more to help ensure you most out of your social media account.
Contact Solution Web Designs for Social Media Marketing Services
Contact Solution Web Designs for Social Media Marketing Services
For years, we have been developing and managing business social media accounts. If you are in need of social media marketing services built on quality, not gimmicks, please contact for a free consultation.

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