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With more than 230 million active users, Twitter has become a platform for more than just making quick personal updates of just 140 characters and doing micro-blogs. It has become a real-time means of communication for most businesses as they use it to share vital information regarding their services and products. Likewise, Twitter is an effective tool to connect with existing and potential customers, giving many business enterprises a greater chance to grow.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Tweets are a cross between instant messaging and blogging. Not every business has the privilege of time to craft an entire update on a certain subject or promotion. So, by simply keeping a post short, but relevant and interesting, and just leaving it at that, it leaves more time for other important things while keeping customers well updated.

And since Twitter is a social messaging service, having followers is another great advantage. The ability to interact with the public is much easier and way more convenient than other means of online strategy as Twitter is also available on smart phones and tablets.

Besides the things mentioned above, other factors for why businesses should invest in Twitter include:
  • Everyone else is doing it - from the smallest businesses of convenience stores to strong-hold businesses like Ford and Apple; Twitter has become part of every business' global dialogue where they talk about their best interests, including tweets about business updates and promotions offered to their customers. In fact, there have been many businesses that vouch for their success stories because of Twitter.
  • Dell, for example - they made over $3 million within the two years of their Twitter platform simply because of sending discount codes to all their followers. So, if a business takes the time to micro-manage their tweets, it can greatly make a difference even to the smallest of businesses.
  • Signing up is easy - Twitter has no-brainer sign-up steps that are very simple to follow. Plus, Twitter gives visual instructions after registering personal information and confirming one's email account. For instance, it teaches where to click to follow friends and how to upload and update one's profile. Plus, contact lists in one's email addresses can be extracted for more contact friends on Twitter. In a matter of five minutes, a new Twitter account can be ready to follow and be followed by friends.
  • Businesses can monitor trends and watch their industry - following trends helps a business know what their customers really want. Consumer trends can track how much people spend and what they buy. Trends are also a great collection of how customers use a product and how they share it with their social network. Knowing this type of information is beneficial to a business, giving it an excellent opportunity to grow.
  • Twitter is an opportunity for businesses to help their customers the instant they are in need- Twitter leads to conversation while conversation leads to customers, and customers bring profit to businesses.
  • Use it to keep an eye on competition - Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the planet, and most likely one's competition is also tweeting. Having a private account to follow competitors can load streams of information regarding how they handle their online strategy, how they handle customers and what their customers say about them, or how often they tweet to attract their customers.
  • Photos to enhance updates - uploading photos is the most compelling form of self-expression, and using the same method to express something positive about the business is a great means of marketing.
  • Header photo as a social business card - Twitter features a header photo which businesses can use as a way of branding. They can use it creatively to uphold a business personality. Twitter also has a new feature where users can choose their background picture to make their page even more interesting, not the usual dull accounts on other social networks. These features can be a great way to tell the story of a business enterprise.
  • Quick customer feedback - since existing and potential customers are most likely also on Twitter, businesses will have a greater chance to have better communication with them. For instance, if a potential customer asks where the nearest car shop is, a car business can immediately tweet back and offer a hand.
  • Twitter is news reporting - Twitter is all about trending topics. Often, the most intriguing trends are thrown on news stations, such as CNN and Fox News, which gives businesses free exposure. And unlike other social networks like Facebook where status updates are filtered, with Twitter every tweet arrives in the news feed of followers, making them more viral and advantageous.
  • To create trends - a business can tweet about promotion codes that are only exclusive for their Twitter accounts. They can create fun games and contests for Twitter followers, upload interesting pictures about products to guess, or anything that will encourage followers to participate while using hashtags (the # symbol) so that it will be easily identified as a trend. A business can also drive traffic by creating tweets around a link that would direct followers to the business' website.
  • Advantages of "retweets" - retweets are reshared tweets of a user's follower. Positive retweets are a great opportunity to create brand credibility and business density through a third party.
  • Advantage of "mentions" - just like retweets, having a third person include a mention about a business' service or product using the @ symbol is another form of brand credibility. And the more people that do it makes another positive trend for a business.
  • Easy to befriend potential customers - friends are connected with a user's email account, which makes it easier for a business to find potential customers to befriend.
  • Easy to browse stories and activities - Twitter has a feature where it can show the newest stories and activities on the happenings of the users one may follow. Through this, more and more followers can reach a business' latest updates, promotions, and branding.
  • Twitter can be connected with social media management apps - Twitter and other social networking accounts such as Facebook can be connected with management apps that will organize all these multiple platforms and share information across all of them, without the hassle of posting updates separately all the time.
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Contact Solution Web Designs for Twitter Marketing
Contact Solution Web Designs for Twitter Marketing
Twitter is an amazing social networking platform that is worth being utilized by businesses, both large and small, if they want to encourage more potential customers and make their business more known. It is an easy means to promote, share, and drive word-of-mouth communication; all bringing positive results to a business' growth.

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