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Local SEO Service Serving Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY

If you operate a store, office, plumbing company, restaurant or other physical location, unless you have a website that is optimized and listed locally, you may be missing out on valuable leads in your area. Local SEO services from Solution Web Designs can help optimize your business website, so it appears in top local search results, so you are positioned in front of potential clients in your current location, who are in search of your brand, service or product.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a sector of small business SEO practices that focus on optimizing company websites to appear in local searches, based on the user's intended location. For example, if you key in a search for "computer repair service NYC" on your computer, Google will return a list of computer repair companies in New York City.

The Difference Between Local SEO vs. Organic SEO

Organic SEO marketing differs from local SEO efforts in that it centers around a website, which may, or may not take into consideration where the business is located. Local SEO marketing builds signals of relevance around a particular location or actual brick and mortar business. Also, organic SEO practices are used to help Internet-only businesses increase their rankings and traffic. In other words, organic SEO engines search for trusted relevant content, while local SEO search engines seek out trusted corresponding locations.

Why You Need a Local SEO Company Like Solution Web Designs

Local and organic SEO do not always have the same focus in the results of where keywords are ranked. Where organic SEO's goal is to rank as high as you can for certain keywords, you also need a local SEO strategy to appear in local results, which can be achieved through the use of citations.

Citations do wonders for local businesses because it allows their corresponding location to appear in Google maps, therefore, if you wish to have your company appear in local search results, then you require a local SEO strategy built on sound citation practices. Our local SEO company specializes in, and incorporates only the best practices for maximum results.
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Client Testimonial

"I had a very small service area, just three zip codes before I hired Solution Web Designs to do my Local SEO Marketing Services.Today, I take customers from all over the county, which made a huge difference in my business and bottom line. I feel like I am finally on the map, and it's because I am."
-D. Rivoli
Nassau, NY
Solution Web Designs Local SEO Service Serving Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY
Google My Business and Local SEO

It is necessary for your business to appear in Google My Business because it enables people to view your contact details. For example, perhaps a person is unfamiliar with your business and is searching organically for terms like "Chinese food" or "Attorney in New York". Google often shows a Google Map for these types of searches, so if your business is listed here, it will enable people to find you. Likewise, maybe people are familiar with your business but are unsure of the phone number. If your website is setup appropriately, your telephone number can be found through search engines.
How Our Local SEO Company Can Optimize Your Website for Local Search

For Google as well as other search engines to provide users with the most useful information, considering the expansive amount of information that is available, it is important to make local based results more prevalent. Some ways we can optimize your website for local searches include:
  • Google My Business - We can create and utilize your Google My Business Page to make sure viable information such as your address, opening hours and other contact information is readily available for interested parties. This consumer information tells the search engines that you are in sync with any topic related to localized searches about what your business does, which will help your business to show up in maps and searches.
  • Google+ Local - We can also take advantage of your Google+ page, which allows for more social interaction, to feature images, posts, reviews, and other interesting information about your business. This is also an excellent way to encourage interaction with users by sharing videos and photos and enabling user comments. Google Local results tend to dominate search and map results, so this also enables your business to appear in top results.
  • Optimize Local Keywords - We can utilize relevant keywords and titles to optimize your search in a way that is natural and useful to both users as well as search engines.
  • Ensure Your Listing is in the Right Category - We can make sure your listing is associated with the right category. For example, 'Italian restaurants' may be a more relevant category than just 'restaurants'.
  • Incorporate NAP Citations - Name, address and phone number (NAP) citations play a significant role in local SEO results while authoritative websites provide even more value, the same as links. We will ensure your NAP citation is clearly stated, which serves as a reliable indicator that you are business related location, which also improves search results.
  • Create a Listing for Each of Your Physical Locations - Creating a listing for each of your locations not only helps ensure that people can find the appropriate information for your nearest location, but it also provides an opportunity to improve rankings.
  • On-Page Local SEO - We can optimize your website by ensuring the address and location provided are consistent in the page's title tag and on the page, as well as embed a map on your local place pages or 'contact us' page to illustrate your business location, which also helps local SEO rankings.
Contact Solution Web Designs for Local Business SEO Services and Local SEO Optimization Today
Contact Solution Web Designs for Local Business SEO Services and Local SEO Optimization Today
Solution Web Designs can help you stand out in local searches. For more information on ways we can help, contact us today.

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