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Email Newsletter Marketing Agency Solution Web Designs

Email Newsletter Marketing Agency Solution Web Designs

Award-Winning Newsletter Service Serving Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY

Newsletters are an important part of your overall marketing campaign. They help you stay connected to your existing and potential clients and deliver useful information about your business and services in the least intrusive way possible. The key to any marketing campaign is to understand your customers needs to deliver content that is relevant and grabs their attention.

Solution Web Designs has been doing email newsletters for over 16 years, and we've won numerous awards for our designs and metrics.

Why Have Monthly Newsletters?

Email marketing, provides an excellent way to interact with customers on a regular basis and share useful information such as product or company updates, sales, promotions or new goods or services offered that customers could benefit from. Staying in contact with customers via email newsletter services shows your appreciation for their business as well as communicates to them that you are still in the market to meet their needs. According to statistics, approximately 44% of email recipients made, at least, one purchase based on an email they received.

Our email marketing agency specializes in engaging content that gets the word about your business while rightfully expressing your appreciation, so your clients remain in the know about your company's affairs whether at work, home or on the go on their mobile devices.

Effective Communication, Not Spam

The key to effective email marketing is to cater your newsletter services to valued customers or people who have previously showed an interest in your business. Unsolicited emails are not only annoying, but it is also considered spam. Spam emails are illegal, so they will most likely go unopened by uninterested parties, not to mention, also embed a negative image of your business or brand in their minds, which can hinder you against future interactions. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to solicit emails only to parties with whom you are familiar.

At Solution Web Designs, our email services help eliminate unwanted spam emails by incorporating a sign-up form right into your website, so users have the ability to select their newsletters based on personal interest. This way you only transmit email newsletters to customers who have optioned to receive your information, which helps eliminate spam and other unwanted electronic communication. Our newsletter marketing company can also analyze useful customer information on their own to build segmented lists.

Some criteria used to segment subscribers might include:
  • Customer information
  • Upcoming events
  • Upcoming opportunities
  • Company news
  • Blogs and articles
  • Recipes
  • Health tips
  • And more
When creating a successful email campaign, subject lines are also important. In fact, more than 50% of people who open emails, do so because of the subject line. Hence, it is also our goal to create strong subject lines that get your emails noticed.

Engaging Content from An Award Winning Email Marketing Company

Engaging content helps customers make an informed decision about your business or trying your product or service. Therefore, your content should seek to speak, interact and answer customer questions in a way that compels them to move forward through the conversion process. It is our goal to create strong, user-friendly content that relays information in a clever but amusing way that gets customers attention.

Newsletters are not just about conversion rates; they are also about customer retention. You are also sending your email to remind your clients why they did business with you in the first place and encourage them to remain repeat customers. So another way to engage customers is by teaching them something exciting and new, which helps create value in their eyes.

Your emails can also include sales and upcoming events. For those who have indicated an interest in hearing about upcoming events, an email newsletter provides the perfect way to keep them informed. Many customers may not have the opportunity to visit your website or events calendar regularly, so sending them an email directly gives them a better opportunity to learn about future events and hopefully become involved.

Our company takes the time to talk to you and learn about what's going on in your business as well as exciting upcoming events in order to ensure we develop arresting content for your email newsletter. Once we have consulted with you, we then go to work figuring what needs to be communicated, then make recommendations to inspire your target audience.

We understand how important it is that your emails are read and do no just end up in a junk folder. Our strategic web designers work diligently to prevent this from occurring, even if it means spending hours on just the subject line alone to ensure it captures your customers attention.

We also understand that customers who receive too many emails from one particular business are most likely to get frustrated, which may prompt them to unsubscribe. We take the time to conduct industry research to ensure the right balance is met regarding what and when to send emails to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We are a full-service email marketing agency, which means we perform all the necessary work to create your high-quality newsletter including mapping the details of your content and providing high graphic images that capture your reader's attention. Our graphic design team can provide the pictures or feel free to offer unique pictures of your own, for the perfect touch.
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Award-Winning Newsletter Service Serving Manhattan NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County, Long Island NY
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"We love these newsletters. In this one email you have the value-added content that confirms the expertise and authority of the brand, a subtle sell of a half-dozen specific meals, an invitation to engage with the brand, and numerous calls to action. Delicious!"

-Sherry Chiger, Editor
Multchannel Merchant
Solution Web Designs Email Marketing Award
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Contact Solution Web Designs for Email Marketing Services

Please contact us today in regards to setting up a newsletter service for your company. We would be happy to show you samples of our work, and discuss how adding a regular company newsletter will help your business grow.
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