Marketing Reports

Client Marketing Reports

Client Marketing Reports

The Importance of Management Reports

Similar to how patients see a doctor to ensure optimum health, we understand how eager website owners are to ensure the health of their website. And that is why, we track everything concerning your website including keyword and keyword phrase ranking and more to identify what is working as well as scout for opportunities in the future to help ensure your website is continuously functioning at its best. And just like a doctor, we also provide clients with client marketing reports, similar to patient charts, so they have a visual picture of exactly how their site is performing.

Our management reports are shared with clients monthly, however, we stay on top of them as often as possible and urge clients to meet with us to review their marketing strategy, so they share in the excitement of their campaign. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Monthly Marketing Reports

Regular monthly client marketing reports play a major role in your long-term marketing success. We ensure your marketing strategy is effective in two ways:
  • We monitor all details related to incoming traffic to your site, including the number of back links you have and your keyword rankings
  • In addition, we also analyze the affects of traffic on your website
These two marketing metrics, in conjunction with our commitment to long-term growth, ensures the long-term profit goals of your company.

Lead Generation Metrics

Lead generation refers to the traffic coming into your site. We examine natural organic rankings in your local area, which is where rankings matter the most, as well as traffic from major search engines, including Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Our monthly management reports includes all traffic coming from social media marketing, pay per clicks advertising, press releases and all organic traffic sources. Recording these key metrics on a monthly basis helps provide a long-term history of the decline or improvement of your online marketing program, so that we can make adjustments accordingly.

Keyword and Keyword Phrasing Ranking

Say you are a New York City chiropractor. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can list up to 800 or more keywords and keyword phrases related to this local business, which means clients have search harder to find you. Some of these keywords could include:
  • NYC chiropractor
  • Chiropractor in New York City
  • Manhattan Chiropractor
  • Best chiropractor in NYC
  • Emergency chiropractor in New York City
  • Holistic chiropractor NYC
  • Affordable chiropractor NYC
  • Chiropractor New York NY
  • And more
When we set up an online marketing campaign for your company, we focus on the keyword phrases and keywords that have the most potential to produce leads. If the current ranking of the keyword we have promoted in each of the major search engines moves down or up during the month, it will be reflected in our monthly keyword metric report.

Email Metrics

If you opt to use our email-services, we will use email-metrics to track the number of active contacts you have, as well as key metrics related to the performance of e-mail blasts and newsletters you send to your contact list, such as open rate, click through rate and opt out rate.

Reviewing your history of email-metrics helps us decide future content for the email program, as well as track its overall performance.

Website Traffic Metrics

Website traffic metrics provide a quick view of the overall health of your online marketing program and website. Using these metrics, we can significantly improve the future marketing efforts of your campaign.

We can analyze and record the number of visits, the total number of page views, the number of pages per visit and what traffic does on your website once it arrives. We can also track how many visitors bounce, or reads just one page then leaves the website, and the average amount of time they spend on the site.

We also look at how many visitors are first-time visitors and calculate the rate of first-time visitors to returning visitors. We keep track of all the call-ins you have, form submissions that may lead to new clients for your company and the overall number of new clients you accumulate each month.

Lastly, our marketing metrics report shows every page on your website, as well as the number of visits per page. We sort through each page by frequently visited, which tells a very clear story of which pages generate the most interest, so we can create more pages related to this product or service.
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Client Testimonial

"I have to confess I don't look at my marketing reports as often as I should, but I do feel peace of mind knowing Solution Web Designs does.

When we do have marketing meetings, I feel like I'm a big corporate giant. They are so professional, and are willing to answer my questions in great detail.""

New York City
Contact Solution Web Designs for A Free Consultation
Contact Solution Web Designs for A Free Consultation
It is our motto to provide "Marketing Success by Design," which begins by analyzing detailed client marketing reports before we build any websites. By doing so, we ensure your website is performing at full potential, so you realize maximum profits and realize a return on your investment.

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