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An infographic (or information graphic) is a visual aid that simplifies a concept. They are a great way to explain a complicated idea or topic. They are also one of the best ways to make a potentially boring subject much more interesting. Most importantly, they are an invaluable form of marketing, especially for small businesses. Websites that make use of infographics experience an average growth in traffic that is 12% higher than websites without them. You can think of infographics as road signs that point potential customers straight to your business. Contact us for a free consultation.

You've probably seen infographics on the Internet before, and people have actually been using infographics since prehistoric times! Cave paintings and hieroglyphs can be thought of as primitive infographics - pictures were and still are a common language. In more recent years, they have become an extremely popular marketing tool. In one month alone, "infographic" is tweeted more than 56,000 times and there are more than 300,000 Google searches for "infographic."

A good infographic can go viral very quickly because they are easier to share on social media and people are far more likely to engage with them than with a blog post containing only text, for example. An infographic is highly interactive.

Infographics usually contain some sort of data that is presented in an interesting manner with graphs, diagrams, images, maps, a nice color scheme, and most importantly, minimal text. They are truly excellent when skillfully made and incorporated into relevant blog posts and pages of website content by a professional infographic marketing agency.

There are several different types of infographics:

  • Product - Did your business recently develop a neat new product that you want to share? A product infographic can get the job done and get the word out. They explain what your product is, what it does, how it works, why people need it, and where to find it.
  • Cause and Effect - Cause and effect infographics are good for informational blog posts, and they are very straight-forward. They show relationships and often contain graphs and charts.
  • Directional - Directional infographics typically explain how something is done. They are simplified instruction manuals, how-tos, and do-it-yourself visuals.
  • Quantitative - Think of a qualitative infographic as a flow chart for the most complicated data you may want to share. These are perfect to summarize highly technical blog posts that the average reader may not understand.
  • Chronological - Do you want to share how something has changed over time? Reading about temporal relationships can be boring and feel like a history class, but these relationships can be easily conveyed in an infographic timeline.

How Do Infographics Work?

First and foremost, the best infographics are going to be visually appealing and eye-catching. They won't have a white background, and they won't have a lot of text. White backgrounds are boring and too many words drive away readers. In the case of small businesses, you never want to drive away any potential customers. An infographic can make a reader stay on your page and interact with your website in other ways, such as sharing a blog post on social media or even contacting your business for more information or to purchase a product or service.

A catchy title on a data-rich infographic conveys a lot of information quickly, easily, and is simple for readers to share with others. Even if those particular readers don't end up being conversions for your site, they are more likely to share it. If they share your infographic, you have just gotten them to advertise for you.

Internet users are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a page with text only. Nearly half of all people respond better to visual information than words alone too. These two very simple pieces of information are the reason that infographics work. They can simplify the information presented in a blog post or on a page of your website, spread the news about a new product or service, and they can generate traffic.

A single share on Facebook or Twitter can turn into as many shares and retweets as that first person has friends and followers. As more and more people continue to share your infographic, this leads to it going viral. Soon, your website is cropping up everywhere on the Internet. This not only creates an array of backlinks to your site for SEO purposes, but it also drives traffic to your site as people investigate the source of the infographic.

Should Your Business Be Doing Infographic Marketing?

Any digital marketing campaign should include infographics. They are literally one of the most valuable forms of marketing, and an infographic marketing agency can help your business employ them effectively. Custom infographics that are carefully crafted for your business are more likely to go viral. With more and more shares, your website ends up with more and more backlinks, which increase your search engine rankings.

The main goal of any Internet marketing is to get your website to the top of the search results whenever a person looks for something your business can provide. People are more likely to click the first link presented to them than the fourth, so it's important for you to be at the top. Infographics work hand-in-hand with quality web design and copyrighting as well as other forms of interactive marketing to make your business grow and lead to conversions.
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Contact Solution Web Designs for Infographic Marketing
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